6in1 Versatile Opener





Introducing a space saving kitchen tool that will make your life more convenient in the kitchen! We happily offer you the 6 in 1 VERSATILE OPENER.
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6in1 Versatile Opener is a MULTI-USE OPENER that has 6 DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS in 1 INNOVATIVE TOOL. It can EASILY and INSTANTLY OPEN DIFFERENT TYPES of SEALS and LIDS such as Food Bags, Safety Seals, Pull Tabs, Bottle Caps, Bottle Tops, and Jar Lids. It is LIGHTWEIGHT and SPACE SAVING.
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6in1 Versatile Opener has its own MIGHTY STRENGTH so it DOES NOT REQUIRE a FULL STRENGTH from YOUR HANDS. It is PERFECT for Elderly, Women, Teens, or those who are suffering with Hand Injuries, Arthritis. It is VERY CONVENIENT to use and makes OPENING LIDS and SEALS a BREEZE!
  1. hidden blade for opening bags
  2. clamp for opening safety seals
  3. pull tab hook
  4. pop off bottle caps
  5. handle that grips tight lids for easy twist-off
  6. bottle opener
Product Specification:
  • Size: 2.3 * 14.5 *6.5 cm
  • Material:?ABS, TPR, Metal
  • Weight: 114 g?
  • Colour: Black and Red
Package Included:?
  • 1 x?6in1 Versatile Opener

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