Nanofiber Pot Cleaning Ball





A soft but mighty cleaning ball that removes rust, grease and grimes effectively.

When doing our dishes, there will always be a one or two item that is hard to clean. Do you struggle the same? Are you afraid that when you scrubbed hard your kitchen tools will get damaged? Worry no more as we offer you the SOFT but MIGHTY cleaning tool! Introducing the NANOFIBER POT CLEANING BALL.

Nanofiber Pot Cleaning Ball is made from a RUSTPROOF METAL WIRE that DOES NOT SHED when USED for multiple times.? It has a NANOFIBER material making it SOFT and STRETCHY to PROVIDE SAFETY and NON-HARM to HANDS. It has a SOLID and STURDY SIZE and DURABLE SPRING and CURLY DESIGN for a more EFFECTIVE DEEP CLEANING.?

Nanofiber Pot Cleaning Ball is PERFECT for CLEANING, SCOURING, and SCRUBBING Pots, Pans, Baking Dishes, Broiler Pans, Grills, Ovens, and more. IT EFFECTIVELY REMOVES the STUBBORN GREASE, GRIME, and RUST EASILY and INSTANTLY. It is EASY to CLEAN just RINSE and WASH with SOAPY WATER. There are THREE OPTIONS for this CLEANING TOOL: One is a SHORT HANDLE with CLEANING BALL for SMALL and SHALLOW POTS. Two is the LONG HANDLE with CLEANING BALL for DEEP POTS and HARD to REACH kitchen items. Three, is the CLEANING BALL ONLY perfect for PANS, OVENS, COUNTER TOPS, and more.

Product Specification :

  • Nanofiber Pot Cleaning Ball + 1?Long?Handle (Pink or Blue Handle)
  • Nanofiber Pot Cleaning Ball (Yellow only)

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