Packable Travel Duffel Bag





No one likes high fees which need to be paid for checked bag,restricted carry on size rules or carrying heavy bags. OurPackable Travel Duffel Bag is the solution to solve these stressesfor once.

ThePackable Travel Duffel Bagis a versatile and foldable carry-on bag which is able to save your travel. You can pack this tiny pouch and expand when needed. Do you need to bring souvenirs or dirty laundry?We’ve got you covered.

Featured astrapthat allows the bag toslide over the luggage handleforeasy transportwithout any messy packing. Made of high-quality waterproof fabric means that it’s breathable & wearable. Once you’re done using it, simplyfold it neatlyback into itsportable size.It lined withlarge storage spaceandlightweight design,suitable to carry large itemssuch as laptops and shoes.

  • carry – on compliant
  • easy to fold and unfold
  • lightweight and compact
  • anti-aging zipper & nylon strap reinforcement for added durability
  • multi-purpose use – use it as a day bag, travel bag, gym bag
    or as a backup bagfor souvenirs, dirty clothes, and more
  • external storage pocketenables the duffel to slip over the handle of a suitcase

Unfolded: 45 x 34 x 20 cm
Folded: 19.5 x 14cm
Material: Waterproof Nylon
Weight: 0.15kg

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