Pack&Go – 3 Layer Wardrobe Bag





Do you move so many times that you can¡¯t count them anymore? Packing just isn’t easy. But hopefully, our latest travel gadget willsolve everything!

Bring thiscollapsibleand Pack&Go – 3 Layer Wardrobe Bag along your trip. You caneasilykeep your clothes wrinkle-freein atidy and organized way.Simply pack it as a travel bag andput it into your luggage. When you need to use, unpack and turn it into a storage rack holder withthree layers.

Ideal for storing clothes, t-shirt, skirt, sweater, handbag, toys, shoes, slippers and other sundries. With a thick hook design, a strong bearing can be hanging in the wardrobe, closet. High-quality polyester cloth and nylon mesh material, firm and durable.

  • high durability –thick hook design ensuresa strong bearingof a bulk of clothes
  • good ventilation – hollowed-out material design
  • space-saving –can be foldedas a portable travel bag for easy carry
  • mildew, moisture-proof and waterproof, convenient to clean
  • easy to clean – zippered compartment at the bottom is good for laundry

Simply pack it as a travel bag and put it into your luggage. Whenever and wherever you need, unpack and turn it into a storage rack holder with three layers!

Capacity:3 Layers
Folded size: 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
Expanded size:60 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm

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