Travel Buddy – Portable Travel Bottles (4 pcs set)





OurTravel Buddy – Portable Travel Bottlesareinnovative bottlesthat let youorganize your personal care itemsbysplitting large volume liquid into sub-bottles. Designed with aclosely sealed cover thathelps store all liquids properly. These easy to carry bottles come in 4 different colors to help you differentiate your liquids quickly.

With the 70 ml –80 mlcapacity,it isportablefor all travelers tocarry on a planeor put into backpacks, storing shampoo, shower gel or face cleaner in a convenient way.Using travel bottles had never been this exciting and stylish. They are the best traveling gift set for your family, friends, partners, and all travel enthusiasts!

  • easy to split and combine -there arefoursub-bottlesthat can beeasily split and combinedto store various kinds of personal care liquids in aconvenient way
  • ideal capacity -the totalvolume is70 ml – 80 ml, which is allowed tocarry on the planewithout exceedingthe aircrafthand-carry limits
  • safety design– the leak-proof design prevents liquid leakage or spillage and offers protection to your luggage and clothes
  • travel the world in comfort and style with these reliable and attractive travel bottles
  • easy to clean – the inner bottle is made ofanon-stick materialthat iseasy to washout excess liquid and leave no residuals after cleaning
  • durable materials – it is made ofeco-friendly materialslike PE & PP plastic which aredurable and safe to use
  • they are perfect for face cream, hand cream, body cream, baby skincare cream, shampoos, and more
  • each container can bear up to 15 ml – 20 ml liquids

Material: plastic
Capacity: 70 ml – 80 ml
Package includes: 4 x travel bottles (1 set)

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